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I have a special announcement…and a message from Francis Chan


I have a special announcement…and a short word from Francis Chan!

It is absolutely amazing how life can change in just a few short moments. Yesterday, I worked a full-time job for an phenomenal company, fantastic bosses and for this region of the country…great money.

And today…I resigned!

That’s right! My family took a huge step today out of the security of a “normal life” and stepped into the world of full-time mission!

And while I would love to sit back and say it was an easy decision, man, let me tell you, I am not ashamed to say my brain is going a little bit crazy!

But that’s what shareHISstory is all about…to let you take a look inside and go on this journey with us as we venture out into the world of full-time mission.

Throughout this process, besides my wife, family and the Word, I’ve continually come back to a short message by Francis Chan. I hope it inspires you (and convicts) the way it has us!

So…enjoy! And thanks again for your amazing support!


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