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If you would like us to include your name in the packages you sponsor, or if you would like to include your own inspirational or prophetic words, please email us at or


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If you would like us to include your name in the packages you sponsor, or if you would like to include your own inspirational or prophetic words, please email us at or


Join us in being the hands and feet of Jesus to the vulnerable and at risk of South Wales! Help us provide care packages to the elderly, the vulnerable and AT-RISK who are facing 12 weeks of isolation to prevent the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Help us bring the hope and love of Jesus to those in desperate need!

It only takes £5 (about $7) to provide a care package to those in need! 100% of all donations go towards their assembly and distribution.

Help us as we work with local ministries and councils to reach those who are isolated and vulnerable

Our Community Response to Covid-19 and How You Can Help

In This Video



Hey folks, its Ken here, and I wanted to show you what we are doing in response to the coronavirus crisis, and how we are reaching the isolated, vulnerable, at-risk and in need throughout the communities of South Wales.

A few weeks ago I was in the market purchasing items for our family. And just like I’m sure you’ve noticed, I saw a ton of empty spaces where products used to be. But what really bothered me, was that on the paper aisle, there was an elderly woman with a walker looking around with this look of helplessness. Due to irresponsible fear and hoarding, there was no toilet paper, no tissue, no paper towels. There was no pasta or rice, few canned goods. It was pretty intense. And as I was driving home, I just couldn’t get that image out of my mind of this elderly woman who couldn’t find what she needed, desperation in her eyes.

A few days later, in the UK a governmental order came down that the elderly and the at risk (those with asthma, heart conditions, diabetes, high body mass indexes and the immuno-compromised) were being asked by the government to self-isolate for 12 weeks…that’s three months for those counting.

Now, just to give you an idea, almost 50% of people in this region fit into that category…50% of people in a region now being told to not leave their homes to get the things they need.

I was shook. So first, I began to pray. And then…I began to find solutions.

Moving To Action

I began to make calls and went online to wholesale distributors and used every dollar and pound I could find to purchase items I could order in bulk – individual rolls of toilet paper sitting in hotels and empty pubs, facial tissue, soaps, shampoos, non-perishable food items, teas, coffees. We mobilized…and then we turned our ministerial home, The Gathering Place…into an assembly line for care packages with a taste of Jesus.

Let me show you what’s inside every package:
– Toilet paper
– Facial Tissue
– Hand soap
– Body Wash / Shampoo
– Toothpaste
– Non-perishable snacks/food
– Tea Bags
– Hotline and Crisis numbers and numbers of trained counsellors
– Listening / Talking App information (like Sanvello, Moodpath, Talklife)
– Bible App information – YouVersion
– Book of John
– And my favorite, handwritten, prophetic and inspiring words designed to let people know…they are not alone, and that there is an amazing God named Jesus, who is in love with them

Each bag is handled by gloved and face-masked volunteers at The Gathering Place and the bags are prayed over, sterilized and sealed before distribution.

We’ve connected with local pastors, government authorities and councils to distribute these care packages throughout South Wales as quickly and efficiently as we can to whoever needs them.

The demand is great…and this is where you come in.

How You Can Help in the Response to Covid-19

People are suffering, isolated, alone and unable to find the basic necessities and connections they need.

We need your help. Now.

Because we are buying in bulk amounts through wholesale distributors through our nonprofit, The Gathering Place, and operating at absolute zero margins, it only takes a donation of £5, or a little over $7 each, to package and distribute bags throughout Wales to the elderly and vulnerable.

When you give, you are directly affecting lives for the better, not only providing necessities, but providing the touch of Jesus to those in immediate need.

Please join us in being the hands and feet of Jesus to the vulnerable and at risk. Below this video, follow the link to help support us with a tax-deductible donation. And if you desire, we can even include your own inspirational words of hope in the packages we assemble with your donation,

Thank you so much for helping the isolated, the lonely, the elderly and vulnerable throughout this crisis. We will pull through this together. And together, we can change the world for the better. You can give the gift of hope, of love, of caring to those in desperate need. Please click the link below, and help someone in need, right now.

And don’t forget, like and share the video and make sure to visit us at

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