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Kingdom Come! The Gathering Place is set to launch in Swansea, Wales

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The Gathering Place

Equipping, Prayer and Worship Center located within Swansea City Centre


Evangelism Outreach Center – street evangelism

Worship Events – open flow worship nights, 24 hour Worship Burns, street worship

Equipping / Discipleship / Leadership Training Center

Prayer Room

Counseling Center

Free Cuppa (coffee/tea) – breads – pastries

“Free Spiritual Readings” (simply Jesus & Holy Spirit guided prayer for spiritual seekers to point them to the real Truth)

Prayer Ministry

Dance Ministry

Forward Mission Base for visiting mission teams from out of country

Your response has been overwhelming and amazing!

Just a month and a half ago we announced our intent to plant a Kingdom Worship, Equipping and Outreach Center in City Centre area of  Swansea, Wales.

In that short time, we have already secured our storefront and are now in the process of up-fitting the facility! 

This Kingdom Centre will be a place that is a beacon of light in a community in desperate need of the Father’s Love.

That’s right! The Gathering Place will be going LIVE the first week of August, two months ahead of schedule!

Join with us as we bring the light of the Kingdom to the streets of Swansea!

Are you interested in partnering with us through prayer and support? 

We are still looking for partners to join with us on this venture. Please watch the video above to see how to share your dreams with us, and to contribute to our fundraising goal, follow this link!

And don’t forget, like and share the video and make sure to visit us at

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