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The Key to Releasing Revival – live from Garn Fawr (Black Rock), Pencoed, Wales

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In 1902, four teenage boys stumbled upon the key to releasing Revival atop Garn Fawr, high above the village of Pencoed, Wales.

It may now be a forgotten spot of Wales’ rich Revival history, but I’m taking you to the windswept hills of Ffordd y Bryniau to show you where the sounds of Revival were released over a hundred years ago, and to uncover the secret these teenage boys discovered.

Want to know how to use this key to unlock Revival in your own life and world?

Then this is the video for you!

This is Ken with and we are coming to you live from windswept Black Rock, Wales.

The Key to Releasing Revival

It was on top of Garn Fawr overlooking the tiny village of Pencoed, Wales where a Revival sound was released into the atmosphere, preparing the soil for the Great Welsh Revival of 1904.

In 1902, on the lonely rugged hilltops of Ffordd y Bryniau, four teenage boys met atop Black Rock every night for months, praying out loud and at the top of their lungs together, calling out to God so that they might know Him.

They did not gather under mandate of a church.

They didn’t meet under the observation of clergy.

And they did not spread word of their prayers or activities.

These four teenage boys, not even eighteen, sought to know God’s ways.

In this rugged and lonely outcropping, their desires were released into the Heavens, and God answered them with power, love and literal Divine Fire.

Come with me as we revisit this forgotten Revival location in South Wales, and reveal the Key to Releasing Revival!

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