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A Word about Prophetic Words…”The Manifestation of the Keys”


The manifestation of the keys

I’m coming to you live from Hermon Chapel in Bridgend, Wales to bring you this impromptu video which originally debuted on Facebook Live.

Many of us in the Christian community have gotten into the glorious habit of receiving prophetic words. And that’s awesome! Receiving words of encouragement that speak the heart of the Father into our life circumstances is a beautiful thing, as it often helps to strengthen our walk and direction.

Most of the time prophetic words are spoken, we receive them as metaphors. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But sometimes, if we move in the direction that the Lord dreams for us to have, we just might find out (like the folks in the Bible often did) that God isn’t just speaking in metaphor…He is speaking LITERALLY.

I found myself in this position upon arriving in Wales, being reminded of a word given to me by an amazingly gifted, prophetic man who released a word to me seven years ago that became LITERALLY true…but would NOT have come true, unless I held that word to my heart when beginning my real walk with God and having my heart set upon where He desired to send my family.

So here is the word…and the story behind it.

I give you “The Manifestation of the Keys”

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