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You are a “Miracle of Existence” and I can prove it…(and an update from our current mission base!)


You may not feel like it, but YOU are a MIRACLE OF EXISTENCE.

It’s absolutely true!

You may not have felt like it when you got out of bed this morning and you may not feel like it right now, but I promise you…you are.

And I have the data to prove it!

This video is a message I delivered to my dad’s church about a month ago before leaving for the mission field of Wales and the United Kingdom. It was the last opportunity to speak at my father’s church and the Lord wouldn’t let me leave for overseas without letting the congregation know how He felt about them!

I hope this word inspires you like it did me, bringing me deeper into the embrace of the Father’s love for mankind and for His children.

So…enjoy! And thanks again for your amazing support!


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