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“A Quiet Place” – a day in the life of, featuring Majed el-Shafie and One Free World International


By now I am sure you have seen the tension-filled smash-hit A Quiet Place.

Now, the wife and I aren’t big scary movie watchers, so it took many recommendations for us to finally decide to take a look, which we did. We turned down the lights, put the kids to bed, and prepared ourselves to be scared silly.

Final verdict?


Not even a blood pressure blip.

Now don’t get me wrong, A Quiet Place is a good movie. I wish I saw it on the big screen.

But is A Quiet Place scary? Not even close!

And when telling my friends why, they couldn’t figure it out.

You weren’t scared? they ask.

Not even once, I reply.

So how is it that Jenn and I have such incredible nerves of steel? Well, we don’t! It’s just that A Quiet Place is nothing compared to my normal morning! 

To demonstrate this, I wanted to take you into my normal morning…and while I’m at it, I want to bring you in on the true stories of a few folks whose lives are just as tense, if not more so, than the folks in the film.

I’m going to introduce you to Majed el-Shafie, a real world freedom fighter and founder of One Free World International, an organization who fights for those who are persecuted for their beliefs.

Reverend el-Shafie’s story is riveting…and much more tense than anything you will find on the silver screen.

So…enjoy a few laughs at my expense (as always), but then make sure you continue to listen to hear what Reverence el-Shafie has to say! And thanks again for your amazing support!


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