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Naked and Vulnerable in the Spirit War – the key to the attack, the key to the armor   (Compassion Church – Bridgend, Wales 2019)

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There is a Spirit War. There is an enemy. But we also have a loving God who seeks to clothe us with His love and protection.

Looking for a word of encouragement today? Then this is the video for you!

There is an enemy. And his desire is to strip you bare…to make you naked…to make you vulnerable to the attack.

But we serve an amazing and loving God who seeks to clothe us with His protection and with His grace, and Who has provided us with armor that, when we are strengthened in Him through intimacy and love, obliterates the enemy and overwhelms the adversary with identity through love.

This is a message Ken delivered in Bridgend, Wales to Compassion Church in March of 2019.

Our hope is that it inspires you to strengthen yourself in the Lord alone, and enables you to fully put on the full armor of God to not only withstand the attack of the enemy, but to defeat him in the spirit war.

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