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It’s time to STORM YOUR CASTLES – Coity Castle, Wales

In this video

It’s time to storm your castles and strongholds that the enemy has built into your heart!

Looking for a word of encouragement today? Then this is the video for you!

This is Ken with and we are coming to you live from legendary Coity Castle in South Wales.

Coity Castle

Coity Castle was built over 900 years ago by one of the legendary Twelve Knights of Glamorgan, Sir Payn “the Demon” Turberville, and became a staging point for the invasion of west Wales by the English. By the 14th century, Coity had become a massive castle whose ruins still dominate the countryside today.

And much like how Coity Castle was used, like an invading force in our own hearts, things like rejection and pain create strongholds that an enemy launches attacks from that assault our emotional, physical and spiritual health.

But there is a Force greater…a Force that can turn even the most intimidating castles into playgrounds.

Come with me as we explore the ruins of a once proud stronghold…and find your freedom.

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