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*The Awakening – Face to Face* “From the Occult to God” part 3

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From the Occult to God – part 3

A number of weeks ago, I was approached by my friend Faith Jarvis of The Worship Effect to do a short interview.

It started with a text, actually. It simply said, and I quote, “Hey ken, how are u? Just wondering if you fancied having an interview with me for the worship effect? It would be tomorrow morning? Would love to chat about life before God etc x”

So I said sure, no worries, lets do it. 

To the Mission Hall I go…

Little did we know what the Holy Spirit had planned. After talking a little more about it via text, and with a few delays, I was off to neighboring Neath, Wales to visit Faith and her crew at The Mission Hall.

Now, if you don’t know about the Mission Hall, I need to fill you in. The Mission Hall in Neath is the home for The Worship Effect and its father church, Church on the Move

The Mission Hall was the church home of the Joshua brothers, who were instrumental in the Welsh Revival of the early 20th century. It is an icon of Revivalist History and you can literally feel the hymns of a hundred and fifty years in its old walls. Church on the Move, a church made up of various ministries and leaders, carries on this legacy, and the Worship Effect exists to raise up others in a culture of worship. 

So you better believe I was amped to be asked to come for a short interview. And, as an even better surprise, Faith wanted to do the interview in the old basement of the Mission Hall, which is where the Joshua brothers would come to escape the massive crowds and cry out to the Lord for more of His glory.

So we started the interview, we talked for a good hour, and I’m thinking there’s maybe 10 minutes of salvageable material as I’m fighting off a bout of bronchitis…but no way Jose! Faith says afterwards…we’re going to air the whole thing!  

So, if you fancy a go at my Awakening…here it is!

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