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The Face You Make When You Find Out Saint Patrick Isn’t Irish – (AKA – It’s Not About How You Start, It’s How You Are Remembered)    –  on location in Banwen, Wales

In this video

So you thought Saint Patrick was Irish?

Well, think again!

Come with me and sharehisstory,net as we travel to the village of Banwen, Neath Port Talbot, Wales as we explore the birthplace of Saint Patrick, and learn how his story still tells us so much about the world today.

Its not about how you start! Its all about how you are remembered!

And watch as we take you on a journey to see how a slave was inspired by God to bring the Christian faith to his captors, and in so doing, led a nation to Christ.

Its a story that seems like something straight out of the Bible…and there’s a reason for that!

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