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The Gathering Place – Kingdom Worship, Equipping and Outreach Centre – Swansea Wales

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Welcome to the future home of the Gathering Place, a Kingdom worship, equipping and outreach center in City Centre, Swansea Wales!

Have you ever dreamt with God?

You may be surprised what happens!

In this video, come with Ken Arrington as he discusses dreaming with God and the revelation that follows…and the manifestation and walkthrough of planting a Kingdom Worship, Equipping and Outreach Center in Swansea, Wales.

Swansea is the second largest city in Wales known for its thriving city centre, universities, scenic bay area and stunning mountain vistas. The Swansea area is also recognized throughout the Christian world as the cradle of the Welsh Revival, being home to Moriah Chapel and the ministry of Evan Roberts.

But Swansea is in desperate need of the Father’s Love. Behind the scenic beauty and Revival history, dark spiritual forces are hard at work attempting to pull this region down into the mire, as its people have forgotten their history and their song.

The belief in Jesus has declined more than 34% in Swansea over the last decade. This has been replaced with a 100 fold increase in agnosticism and “spiritual but not religious” classifications. As of 2011, 74% of Swansea youth under the age of 24 said they have no religion and this number is expected to increase again for the 2021 census.This vacuum has given rise to Christian churches and schools shutting their doors at an alarming rate, being replaced quickly with “Spiritualist” churches and mosques, with Spiritualism experiencing the quickest growth of all religions throughout Wales.

Drug addiction is rampant throughout Swansea and City Centre, with Swansea owning the distinction as having the worst opioid death rate in the United Kingdom.

Swansea is also known as the sex trade capital of Wales, with the High Street known as the Welsh Red Light district, where prostitutes charge as little as £15 for unprotected sex.

But where it is darkest, that’s when the light shines brightest!

It is within the center of this area that the Lord has called our family to plant a Kingdom based street evangelism and leadership equipping center called The Gathering Place!

This Kingdom Centre will have a retail storefront and will also foster a continual worship environment, featuring weekly worship events and “24 hour Worship Burns.”

Situated in a high foot-traffic area, this beacon of light will be a launch point for street evangelism and outreach teams to work throughout the city, bringing the Kingdom to those that need it the most.

Another intent for the Kingdom Center is to be a place where the spiritually curious can come and be introduced to Jesus without the familiar structure of the church. Since the church is often regarded with suspicion in Wales, many have turned to “Spiritualist” churches where they are witnessing powerful supernatural phenomena. In response to this, our storefront will feature a large sign in the window that states “free spiritual readings,” enticing the spiritually curious to come inside where they will actually receive Holy Spirit guided prayer and be re-introduced to the TRUE supernatural love of Jesus Christ. In turn, once aware of who Jesus truly is, we will then point them to vetted ministries and local churches to help continue their discipleship journey.

This storefront will be a multi-church center designed to knit local & international ministries and leaders together into a greater fabric with all funds raised abroad.

Just Jesus.

Just Kingdom.

The Gathering Place will change the lives, the histories and the destinies of the people of Wales, breathing Revival fire back into their rediscovered song. When the hurting and broken within a community are provided with an opportunity to experience the life-giving power of Jesus, the result is regional transformation. The result is lives healed, families restored and cities renewed.

We have already seen countless testimonies of God’s hand at work in Wales. Join us as we step into an even greater measure of impact within the lives of the people of Swansea.

How you can get involved:

Prayer Covering – This is absolutely essential both home and abroad, especially as we literally take back the high places on High Street

Location – Current financial estimates place the cost of leasing, insuring and utilities of the facility at approximately $30,000 – $33,000 annually. In order to be available for government grants and aid, we will need to raise a year’s lease in advance.

Equipment – Once the lease is procured, we will need to raise additional monies for furniture, decor, musical equipment, electronics, etc. We will work diligently with local ministries and churches to outfit the facility as much as possible, therefore we estimate these costs to be in the range of $10,000.

Staffing, worship and evangelism teams – we’ve talked with a number of Kingdom based ministries and individuals who have pledged to support us in this vision. However, more will always be needed. Pray the workers and the volunteers are plentiful.

We hope you join us in this amazing endeavor, as we bring the Kingdom to the streets!


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