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change your lifeThis video will change your life, if you let it.

You see, you have no idea how amazing you are.

Someone special told me that you needed to hear this today.

I’ve got nothing to sell you and nothing for you to buy. What I can GIVE you, though, is some pretty amazing news.

I can prove that you are a miracle. And that you are more unique than the stars themselves.

You. That’s right, you.

You may not have felt like it when you woke up this morning. You may not feel like it now.

But I promise you.

You. Are. A. Miracle.

And I’m not just going to blow you up with words of encouragement about how unique you are.

No way!

I’m going to prove that you, using science, math and statistics, that YOU were created to be a difference maker in this world! That God created you with a plan in mind, with a design, and a purpose. It is YOUR choice, however, to walk that purpose out. And you’re designed to alter the course of history.

That’s right…YOU.

So grab a cup of tea and hold on…because I am going to blow your mind with how awesome you are.



YOUR story is part of and Ken and Jenn Arrington want to hear from you! Make sure to fill in the contact form on the right and stay in touch with the Arringtons as they begin their missionary journey across the world!

And watch the video above to see how you can be a part of their wild Godventures!

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