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So I put together a little video for our United Kingdom VISION Luncheon…and it was such a hit, some folks suggested I post it to the website!


On July 15th, 2018, we had our first United Kingdom VISION Luncheon. Jenn and I were blown away with the support, as 70 folks attended to see how they could be a part of our upcoming mission journey to Wales.

Part of this luncheon was sharing a video I put together featuring some pretty mind-blowing statistics, and how God’s people are rising up to the call.

I was originally going to feature a number of statistics during my spoken presentation, but man, I will be honest…they were pretty gloomy. But that’s not how God’s people should see “dire situations.” As I was reading all this stuff online, in my Spirit’s eye, I saw this lion charging to the challenge…

…and His children running to meet him.  Then I remembered an amazing Martin Smith song called “Song of Solomon.”

And then the video was born, cobbling together some videos I found online. If you’re interested in seeing where I found the videos and statistics, click the liner notes underneath the video.

So…enjoy! And thanks again for your amazing support!


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And watch the video above to see how you can be a part of their wild Godventures!

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